Chris Socha
by Chris Socha

Attached are the slides (with notes pages at the end) of the pecha kucha I presented at TWU33, titled “A Short History of LGBT Rights”.

As an (angry) LGBT activist, I was interested to find the difference in understanding of LGBT and LGBT rights between the different regions; ThoughWorkers in the global north were often well read on the topic of LGBT rights, while for many in the global south it is still considered a taboo subject. One of the P3 case studies at TWU33 was on Homophobia, so I also though that doing a history of LGBT rights might give some more context to the P3 debate in later weeks.

Many TWers from the global south did now know that LGBT was even a thing before TWU33, but it was refreshing to see that everyone eagerly took part in the P3 debate on Homophobia in the last week of the term. Its really proof that TWU does not only focus on project readiness, but complete immersion in TW values and Social and Economic Justice. :-)

Download: LGBT History TWU.pdf